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Consent Document

I understand that my participation in this research study is voluntary and that I may withdraw from the study at any time without penalty. I also understand that my identity will be coded to ensure confidentiality.

I understand that participation in this study is open to invited IPRO students who are members of current IPRO teams. I will indicate my current IPRO team on an initial screen.

As a participant in this study, I will spend 30-60 minutes completing questionnaire items related to IPRO outcomes and experiences, such as my satisfaction, learning, etc. and how my team functioned.

As a thank you to those to complete this survey, they will be enrolled in a raffle to win one of six cash prizes from $75 to $10 (1 x $75, 5 x $10; a total of $125).

Furthermore, to encourage entire IPRO teams to participate, each participant from an IPRO team where at least 75% members complete the survey will be entered in a second, independent raffle of six additional cash prizes (1 x $75, 5 x $10; a total of $125).

To be eligible for these raffles, this survey must be fully completed by Sunday, December 1, 2013.

I understand that this research presents no risks other than what I might feel from thinking about the questions that are asked. I understand that the IIT Counseling Center (312-567-5900) is available to me, free of charge, to discuss my situation or my feelings.

Experimental procedures have been explained to me and I have a satisfactory understanding of them. Any further questions about the research and my rights as a participant will be answered if I contact the project director Dr. Alan Mead, mead@iit.edu or 312-567-5933.

I understand that the Illinois Institute of Technology is not responsible for any injuries or medical conditions I may suffer during the time I am a research subject unless those injuries or medical conditions are due to IIT's negligence. I may address questions and complaints to Glenn Krell, MPA, CRA, Executive Officer of IIT Institutional Review Board at 312-567-7141.

I have read the material above and any questions I asked have been answered to my satisfaction. I agree to participate in this activity, realizing that I may withdraw without penalty at any time.

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